Vegan Recipe Books I Recommend

In this blogpost I want to speak to you about the 2 vegan recipe books I recommend you get. These 2 books are filled with delicious and easy to make vegan recipes. We love these 2 books. If you are struggling for ideas or how to make vegan alternatives of your favourite veggie or meat based dishes these 2 books will solve your problem.

These 2 books make following a plant based lifestyle easy as well as delicious.

PRESS PLAY on the video below to hear what I have to say about these 2 books and I also share my favourite recipes from them.  Below the video are the amazon links to grab both books.

The link to both books on amazon are :

Happy Herbivore

Keep It Vegan

Please feel free to place your comments and questions below in the comments section. Let us know if you have either of these books and if so which is your favourite recipe.

This Blogpost was written by Dave Sheahan who is a plant based vegan triathlete and the founder of “Go Vegan Grow” and is passionate about educating people all over the world about why they need to adopt a wholefood plant based diet. CLICK HERE to access a FREE Recipe Book and Training Video  from Go Vegan Grow

Whatever your reason Go Vegan Grow

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Save Yourself. Save Animals. Save the Planet

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