Vegan Parents – Are They Wrong Raising Vegan Children ?

vegan parents

I decided to write this blogpost sharing my opinion on vegan parents in answering the following question from one of our Instagram followers :

“Do you feel it is right and fair for vegan parents to force their beliefs on their kids in raising vegan children ?”

Let me start by pointing out the following :

If one is going to attack vegan parents for “forcing” their children to be vegan then what about every single child that is born in the world?  Are they not forced into certain eating choices?  Religions? and Lifestyles?  Are meat eating parents not forcing their children to consume dairy based formulas leading on to dairy and meat based solid food?  Is every parent of some form of religious denomination not forcing their “religious” beliefs on their children?  If we are going to attack vegan parents we then must attack all parents if we adopt this meaning of “forcing” as it implicates all parents.  See how stupid this attitude is?

Vegan Parents Have A Responsibility :

The role and responsibility of all parents is to do what is best for their children.  This should be their sole concern. Should they decide to raise their children vegan that is their view of the best decision for their child.   The same applies to those who  decide to raise children as meat eaters.  The same applies to those who decide to raise children based on whatever religious denomination they believe in.   Of course there are bad parents and negligent parents too but I want to focus on “real” parents first.

Now my reason for focusing on this topic is because it has been such a huge issue higlighted in the media so much in recent weeks.  This followed the judges verdict where the Italian Couple had their malnourished “vegan” child taken off them.  Of course the fact the child was “vegan” was what was focused on as being the biggest act of negligence the parents had committed.  What a load of crap.  These were negligent selfish parents who never had the child´s best interests at heart.  It was their fault that the child was so malnourished not the fact he was vegan.  A child raised on a proper balanced vegan diet will be healthier than any other as I will share later from personal experience.  The real issue in this case was bad parenting and negligence.  That is what should have been the main focus not that the child was being “forced” to be vegan.

Our Experience As Vegan Parents :

Now let´s get back to vegan parents and their decision.  If we go back 11 years when our son Max was born my wife had been vegan for over a year (vegetarian for about 10 years before that).  I was a meat/dairy/whey guzzler consuming a mainly meat based diet.  That is what I had learned worked for performance and results which has always been my prime concern.  When she told me Max was going to be raised vegan I went mad as did both our families claiming it was the worst possible thing one could do to a child and that he would be sick and unwell.  We all waited for and expected the worst.  2 years later having witnessed the development of the most incredible healthy happy smart baby I had no choice but to look into the whole vegan and plant based lifestyle more.  And in Jan 2012 I made the decision to go 100% plant based vegan and it has been the best decision I have ever made.  And max now 11 is a picture of health and most think he must be 13 at least!!

I have huge admiration and respect for any vegan parents. Why? Because I have experienced first hand with my wife the pressure there is to stick to your beliefs and follow through while everyone you know is telling you how wrong you are.  For me there is no better decision by a parent than to decide to raise their children vegan.  The benefits are endless and like I said at the start of this a parents main role is being responsible for doing what is best for their child and to give them the best possible start in life.

Vegan Parents and Non Vegan Parents – Watch This :

Press PLAY on the following video to hear more about my thoughts, feelings and personal experience on the topic of vegan parents and raising vegan children.  Love to hear your comments so make sure to place them below as well as any questions

So if you are a vegan parent reading this I applaud and respect you.  If you are a non vegan parent or future parent I urge you to increase your knowledge about food and the food industry and grow more awareness about why vegan parents raise vegan children.  Do what is best for your kids.  I know we have.

I hope this blogpost has benefitted you and I would love to hear your thoughts whether agreeing or totally disagreeing with my point of view. Make sure to leave a COMMENT or any Questions below the video.

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