The Cause Of California Water Crisis : Beef or Almonds ?

In this blogpost I want to speak to you about the california water crisis and the debate that rages on about whether beef or almonds are the root cause of this water crisis. What do you think? In the video below I give my opinion as well as sharing some interesting facts.

Press PLAY on the following video to hear my reaction to this debate and how ludicrous I feel it is.  Then read on below video and I want to hear your opinion by posting in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

As I said in the video I just think that this whole debate and argument is ludicrous and just shows how gullible most people are that they believe that almond production could be the cause of the california water crisis but we are all conditioned by the information we are exposed to and this is why I always stress to people that education is the key to change.

The statistics don’t lie and the facts are that 47% of water consumption in california goes to the whole meat and dairy production process. On the other hand Almond production contributes 10% of the water usage in California and this is in producing 80% of the world’s almond supply!!

And what about the restrictions now placed on residents in california and fines being imposed if showering too long or watering garden too frequently. Domestic use only accounts for 6% of total water consumption in California so again the residents are not to blame either. So the figures tell the whole story and of course it is the meat and dairy industry that is the main cause of the california water crisis not almonds or even bananas as I also recently saw being blamed. The meat and dairy industry will do anything to cover up what is really going on and unfortunately the general public are conditioned by the media coverage put out there.

The real solution to the california water crisis is for people to decrease their meat and dairy consumption and go vegetarian or better still vegan. This will dramatically cut down the amount of water being used as well as the added health benefits of a plant based lifestyle. This is the real solution.

Please feel free to place your comments and questions below in the comments section. Let us know if you agree with what I have said in this blogpost and video about the food industry and in particular the meat and dairy industry.

This Blogpost was written by Dave Sheahan who is a plant based vegan triathlete and the founder of “Go Vegan Grow” and is passionate about educating people all over the world about why they need to adopt a wholefood plant based diet. CLICK HERE to access a FREE Recipe Book and Training Video  from Go Vegan Grow

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