Plant Based Breakfast : My Suggestions

In this blogpost I will share my plant based breakfast suggestions as so many people, especially those transitioning from meat or veggie to veganism, struggle to know what easy plant-based breakfast options there are.

Personally I focus on consuming a whole food plant-based diet so my plant based breakfast suggestions would include the following –

PRESS PLAY on the video to hear my suggestions and then read on below video for more tips and suggestions

Porridge (or oats) with various fruits like blueberries, raspberries, raisins and banana. I also sprinkle mixed seed mix on my porridge as well as adding various nuts and seeds.

Muesli – this can be either a packaged muesli (just make sure to read the ingredients as want to have it as natural as possible without unnecessary additives and sugars and E numbers) or you can make up your own with your favourite flakes and dried fruit

Scrambled tofu on wholemeal bread – this is delicious and so tasty and easy and quick to make as a plant based breakfast. The key ingredient though is black rock salt – don’t forget it – you will thank me!!

There are also healthy pancakes and muffins you can make – check out previous video on Vegan Recipe Books I recommend which are full of great healthy low fat recipes for these –

Also great are smoothies – include anything from kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, berries, banana, apples and add to them some nut butter if you want added protein and fats (or just for taste) or can add avocado too.

I hope that helps you to now have a delicious plant based breakfast.

Please feel free to place your comments and questions below this video in the comments section. Let us know what your favourite plant based breakfast is.

This Blogpost was written by Dave Sheahan who is a plant based vegan triathlete and the founder of “Go Vegan Grow” and is passionate about educating people all over the world about why they need to adopt a wholefood plant based diet. CLICK HERE to access a FREE Recipe Book and Training Video  from Go Vegan Grow

Whatever your reason Go Vegan Grow

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