High Carb Low Fat Vegan Diet – Good Or Bad?

In today’s blogpost I want to give my opinion on the current craze that is the high carb low fat vegan diet. Is this diet good or bad? What do you think. This high carb low fat vegan diet has been promoted by many high profile vegans but are the masses misunderstanding what this diet actually involves? I feel they are.

PRESS PLAY on video below to hear my personal thoughts on the high carb low fat vegan diet craze. After watching video make sure to read on below.

Firstly let’s look at fat. Recommenders of the high carb diet usually advise little or even no fat. I do not agree with this. We need fat in our vegan diet but the good kind. We should limit or aim to even eliminate bad from from our diet. However how can anyone advise that good fats like avocados, nuts, nut butters and even oils in moderation or bad for you? They aren’t. However you must be mindful of the fact that fats are 9 calories per gram and in particular with oils like olive oil so use sparingly. It is true that a vegan diet too high in fat is not healthy but advising to cut them out completely is madness and not healthy. So eat good fats in moderation.

Now let’s take Carbs. What do we need carbs for? Energy. But we all have different energy requirements depending on our lifestyle and activity levels. What I totally disagree with in the high fat low fat vegan diet that is being advised is that one can consume as much sugar and carbs as they want and will never gain fat or health issues. This is not true. Like with fats you want to eat the good wholesome carb sources. Ones that are mainly refined sugar are not good for you. There is no comparison between a banana and a heaped dessert spoon full of refined sugar. One is bad and one is good. Focus on consuming wholefoods always. The more man has processed a food source the worse it is getting and the less nutritional benefit we derive from it. So eat carbs but focus on eating the good kinds and limit the sugar laden ones.

There are certainly merits to a high carb low fat diet but more so when you are following a wholefood plant based diet not one that is full of low fat or no fat junk food or refined sugar. Use your common sense rather than wishful thinking.

Please feel free to place your comments and questions below this video in the comments section. Let us know if you agree with what I have said in this video and what your thoughts are on the high carb low fat vegan diet.

This Blogpost was written by Dave Sheahan who is a plant based vegan triathlete and the founder of “Go Vegan Grow” and is passionate about educating people all over the world about why they need to adopt a wholefood plant based diet. CLICK HERE to access a FREE Recipe Book and Training Video  from Go Vegan Grow

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